Services – Personal Injury

Our personal Injury Solicitors are specialists with again a wealth of experience, some whilst working with our firm and some from previous experience.  Our personal Injury Solicitors have worked for both Claimant and Defendants, insurers, companies and individuals.  Due to the wealth of experience in our firm, we are able to anticipate issues before they transpire and offer pragmatic solutions or advice in advance.  Some personal Injury is both challenging and time-consuming, especially where it has now become commonplace for Defendants to make assertions of Fundamental Dishonesty, of Low Velocity Impact/Causation, Occupancy, Induced or general fraud. We can help you make sense of the issues and guide you towards the right decisions.

We are specialists in uninsured loss recovery, principally with reference to credit hire and credit storage.  Some of our legal representatives have assisted counsel in the initial landmark cases where the ground rules were established, making our firm a leading contender of the area.

Our firm has a distinct complex /serious Injury department which focuses on the requirements of this specific sector and providing our clients with a detailed yet precise service tailored to our clients needs.  Complex/serious Injury is very much a niche area, which requires specific skill sets and a great deal more attention to general personal injury.  Each victims will want meticulous yet comprehensive representation, be it surrounding the mechanics of the incident, the client’s injuries or future objectives.  This could involve courts, court of protection, rehabilitative agents, and access to companies who provide financial advice, engineers and leading specialists of all medical fields. 

Services – Industrial Deafness /Industrial Disease

These are areas which form part of the personal injury sector, but have become specialized niche sectors, mainly due to their complexity.

Health and Safety Regulation require your employer to extend a duty of care to you by protecting you from any health risks in the workplace. Minimising risks include, training ad awareness of employees, prevent continuous and extended exposure by changing employee environments and/or the provisions of protective equipment.

Industrial Deafness covers all employed environments where you have been exposed to high levels of noise for a substantial period to damage you hearing and not being provided with either the deserved protection or other mandatory health and safety standards.  The subheading here indicates that this area has largely developed from the industrial sector of factory, mills and docks, where excessive levels of noise were common.  Examples included the building, cotton industry, textile industry and shipbuilding.   

Due to de-industrialization of manufacturing industries, these factories have largely disappeared from the United Kingdom.  However cases still exist.  Limitation can be extended on these cases, as many people are unaware of the relation between their hearing loss and past exposure to high levels of noise at work.

 Any industry which used loud machinery was also included, in the form of chainsaws, grinders and pneumatic drills, and therefore laborers or workers in highway or other types of work are also included in this sector.

Other forms of claims related to the industrial sector are also handled by our firm.  The types of diseases can include, vibration white finger, mesothelioma, asbestosis, carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, osteoarthritis, chemical poisoning and dust/fume exposure, occupational asthma and development of skin exposure like contact dermatitis.    

Services – Medical / Clinical Negligence

Whilst this area does fall within the general scope of Personal Injury, our firm considers it to be a niche, similar to complex/serious injury, allowing us to again tailor our services to individually suit our client’s needs.

Whilst specific, medical/clinical negligence covers a vast area of negligence across the medical sector, ranging from GP and hospital based, to Individual treatment providers.  The area also includes health care workers, rehabilitative treatment providers like physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and dentists, optometrists and opticians.  Irrelevant of which medical expert you feel has provided you less than reasonable service, we can assist your recourse.

 It is important to establish a link between your injuries and the care or treatment provided and our specialists can assist in establishing these links.

Services – Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence similar to Medical Negligence has complaints being asserted against a member of a professional sector.  This could involve professionals from various sectors, including architects, engineers or even other legal professionals.  As the opponent is a professional and most likely an expert of his sector, there is an automatic requirement of familiarity with the professionals’ area.

We have chosen our staff on the basis of their knowledge with professional areas and have a network with which we operate to achieve merits from the perspective of an expert of the relevant field.  We have practiced professional negligence claims for many years and our Solicitors again have considerable experience in the sector.  

Services – Housing Disrepair

We are experts in seeking recourse, against all forms of landlord, whether they be private or public, namely council, housing association or private landlords.

We assist with seeking repairs, compensation for suffering, or recovery of other entitlements or losses sustained by our clients, which the law has afforded them.

Services – Immigration

With the changes throughout the world, economically, politically, socially, culturally and generally through development, there has been numerous changes to the Immigration Rules, resulting in the complete area becoming very piecemeal, especially in United Kingdom.  Of recent periods, it can quite easily be that two people with the same backgrounds, will have different rules which apply to them, simply because of the short time difference between the lodging of the application.  Consequently there has been a considered overhaul in the United Kingdom, but again bringing a substantial change to the sector with unfamiliar rules or the application of those rules, the outcome which can have very serious implication for the client.

Resultantly, we have specific legal representatives, who have experience of the various methods applicable to each clients needs, but also the time period applicable to each basis. 

We are able to advise clients on all areas of immigration law, from basic visit visas to making appeals or applications for judicial review.

We are able to assist our clients with single visa applications or be held on private retainers for clients to be assisted until their objective is achieved in the future.  This could require multiple lodges of the relevant documents over various periods of time.

Similar to individual needs, we also assist companies and business in fulfilling their immigration requirements in the United Kingdom.  We will carefully consider our clients expectations and advise of all pertinent points.  Furthermore, we are able to provide our clients with in-house facilities of audits, where employees are required from an international location, due to their specialism or lack of availability in the United Kingdom.

Services – Private Client

We can provide the following services:

  • Power of Attorneys – General , Special and Last powers of Attorney
  • Wills and last testament
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Change of Name Deeds