Faraz Fazal

Managing Partner

10+ years PQE

Areas of Specialism:

Personal Injury - Clinical and Dental Negligence - Financial Mis-selling - Data Breach - Civil Disputes - Commercial - Professional Negligence - Commercial Property - Housing Disrepair - Business Interruption Claims - Immigration - Private Client - Wills, Statutory Declaration, Powers of Attorney


Amina Ali


9 years PQE

Areas of Specialism:

Personal Injury - Financial Mis-selling - Commercial - Clinical and Dental Negligence - Professional Negligence

Senior Management Team

The Operation Managers act as an essential support function to the firm, consisting of dedicated professionals who oversee and streamline our daily operations. From managing workflow efficiency to optimising processes, our team works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of our organisation, enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.
Helen Hynes
Helen HynesOperations Manager
Matthew Oliver
Matthew OliverManagement Consultant
Ian Hounsome
Ian HounsomeCompliance Manager
Hugo Santos
Hugo SantosCompliance & Risk Coordinator
Mané Amien
Mané AmienManagement Liaison
Bradley Walker
Bradley WalkerLearning & Development Manager
Safyian Rafiq
Safyian RafiqOperations Manager

Veritas Solicitors

New Case Onboarding 

The Onboarding department comprises meticulous professionals who guide our clients through a smooth and comprehensive onboarding process. With their attention to detail, effective communication, and personalized assistance, our team ensures that new clients are welcomed warmly, understand our services, and feel supported from the very beginning of their journey with us.
Zoe Littlewood
Zoe LittlewoodTeam Leader
Patrycja Boldyzer
Patrycja BoldyzerLegal Administrative Executive
Fatimaezzahra Touri
Fatimaezzahra TouriLegal Administrative Executive
Daniel Green
Daniel GreenLegal Administrative Executive
Angus Brompton
Angus BromptonLegal Administrative Executive
Ruby Shabir
Ruby ShabirLegal Administrative Executive
Shuab Miah
Shuab MiahLegal Administrative Executive
Calum Page
Calum PageLegal Administrative Executive
Bailey Gregory
Bailey GregoryLegal Administrative Executive
Mohammed Uddin
Mohammed UddinLegal Administrative Executive
Hana Ali
Hana AliLegal Administrative Executive
Samrah Rahim
Samrah RahimLegal Administrative Executive
Eliot Galea
Eliot GaleaLegal Administrative Executive
Mohammed Zubair
Mohammed ZubairLegal Administrative Executive
Habibur Rahman
Habibur RahmanLegal Administrative Executive
Michael Upton
Michael UptonLegal Administrative Executive
Samir Ahmed
Samir AhmedLegal Administrative Executive
Zara Masood
Zara MasoodLegal Administrative Executive
Emily Crabtree
Emily CrabtreeLegal Administrator Assistant

Clinical Negligence

The Clinical Negligence department consists of an exceptionally attentive team who are dedicated and passionate about providing the highest level of service to our clients. Their in-depth knowledge of healthcare systems, combined with their compassion and determination, enables them to provide comprehensive legal support and pursue rightful compensation on behalf of our clients.
Amina Ali
Amina AliPartner
Sean Humphries
Sean HumphriesParalegal
Laiba Mazhar
Laiba MazharParalegal

Industrial Disease

The Industrial Disease team consists of expert solicitors and paralegals who specialise in representing clients affected by occupational illnesses or injuries. With their extensive understanding of industrial disease claims and their unwavering dedication, our team strives to obtain rightful compensation and support our clients in reclaiming their health and well-being.

John Mackenzie
John MackenzieHead of Industrial Disease
Sheza Hussain
Sheza HussainSolicitor
Sadaf Khan
Sadaf KhanSolicitor

Financial Mis-Selling

At Veritas Solicitors, the distinguished Data Breach department specialises in navigating the complex and intricate landscape of data protection. With a focused approach, they investigate breaches and provide expert guidance on compliance, ensuring the safeguarding of our clients' sensitive information and upholding their privacy rights in the face of ever-evolving data threats.
Safyian Rafiq
Safyian RafiqOperations Manager
Mahnoor Baloch
Mahnoor BalochSenior Paralegal

Housing Disrepair

Our formidable Housing Disrepair team consists of highly skilled solicitors, diligent paralegals, and efficient admin assistants all working together to guarantee that our clients receive an unparalleled level of care and attention. Their dedication ensures that individuals residing in substandard housing receive the essential repairs and rightful compensation they deserve.
Kashif Rather
Kashif RatherTeam Leader
Emma Machin
Emma MachinTeam Leader
Ridhwan Ahmed
Ridhwan AhmedTeam Leader
Hassan Zeb
Hassan ZebTeam Leader
Huda Alkhanbashi
Huda AlkhanbashiLitigation Executive
Alieun Jobarteh
Alieun JobartehLitigation Executive
Taha Khoker
Taha KhokerLitigation Executive
Anika Khan
Anika KhanLitigation Executive
Gbolahan Kotun
Gbolahan KotunSolicitor
Naveed Mirza
Naveed MirzaSolicitor
Sadaf Khan
Sadaf KhanSolicitor
Madhuri Nagisetty
Madhuri NagisettySolicitor
Nadia Parveen
Nadia ParveenSolicitor
Shakira Nadim
Shakira NadimSolicitor
Jake Gregory
Jake GregorySolicitor

Immigration Department

Our Immigration department are well-versed in the complexities of immigration law. With their profound knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to client success, they can provide comprehensive immigration solutions, helping individuals and businesses navigate the immigration process with confidence.
Javier Culebras
Javier CulebrasImmigration Solicitor

Data Breach

At Veritas Solicitors, the distinguished Data Breach department specialises in navigating the complex and intricate landscape of data protection. With a focused approach, they investigate breaches and provide expert guidance on compliance, ensuring the safeguarding of our clients' sensitive information and upholding their privacy rights in the face of ever-evolving data threats.
Muneeb Karolia
Muneeb KaroliaCosts Lawyer
Toqeer Bashir
Toqeer BashirCosts Draftsman
Awais Khan
Awais KhanCosts Administrator

Personal Injury (PI) / Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)

Personal Injury (PI) / Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) Our Personal Injury/Road Traffic Accidents department provides compassionate advocacy and comprehensive legal representation for individuals who have suffered injuries in accidents. With deep expertise in personal injury law and extensive experience handling road traffic accident cases, our skilled team is committed to seeking justice and securing fair compensation
Koyes Miah
Koyes MiahTeam Leader


Our Recruitment team comprises skilled professionals who play a vital role in attracting top talent to our firm. With their expertise in candidate sourcing, interviewing, and selection, our team diligently identifies individuals who embody our values and possess the skills necessary to provide exceptional service to our clients. Their commitment to finding the best candidates ensures that our firm continues to thrive and deliver outstanding client care.
Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan ThomasRecruitment Manager
Shannon Johnson
Shannon JohnsonRecruitment Assistant
Sean Seddon
Sean SeddonRecruitment Resourcer

HR Department

The HR department plays a crucial role in our organisation, ensuring that our employees receive exceptional support and fostering a positive work environment. Our HR team are adept at handling recruitment, training, employee relations, and maintaining compliance with employment laws. Their tenacity in promoting employee well-being and fostering a thriving workplace culture is at the heart of our organisation's success.
Aysah Rashid
Aysah RashidHead of HR
Sue Murphy 
Sue Murphy HR Assistant
Zara-Leigh Yates
Zara-Leigh YatesReceptionist 


Our proficient Accounts department comprises diligent professionals who excel in financial management and ensure accurate record-keeping, transparent transactions, and precise financial reporting. With their expertise and attention to detail, our clients can trust that their financial matters are handled with the utmost care.
Noreen Kausar
Noreen KausarLegal Cashier
Jana Osina
Jana OsinaAssistant Legal Cashier

IT Operations

Our proficient IT department is composed of highly trained technicians and software developers who ensure seamless operations and robust data security within our firm. Their continuous efforts to enhance our technological infrastructure and provide efficient IT support contribute to the smooth functioning of our organization and the protection of our clients' valuable information.
Paul Clarke
Paul ClarkeIT Manager
James Bode
James BodeCopywriter
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